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Case Study On Financing And The Accounting Cycle - 275 Words

Case Study On Financing And The Accounting Cycle (Essay Sample) Content: Name:Instructor:Course:Date:FinancingOption one is raising $150,000 in exchange for 30% of the company.The option is good as there is no interest rate paid thus helps solve the companys cash flow problem. On the other hand, 30% of the company is sold.Option two is to secure a loan of $150,000 to be paid in 7 years at an interest rate of 10%Interest = 10% of $150,000 =$15,000 annuallyPrincipal payment = $150,000 / 7 =$ 21428.5This option helps the company maintain its share but with the cashflows issues payment on the principal and interest might be an issue.Option three is to secure a loan of $100,000 at an interest rate of 7% to be paid over 7 years and personally finance $50,000 Interest = 7% of $150,000 =$10,500 annuallyPrincipal payment = $150,000 / 7 =$ 21428.5 The issue with this option is that the company is not in a state to personally finance the $50,000 in the first place as it also needs additional capital to stimulate demand. To add to that, the payment of interest will worsen the companys cash flow issues. From the options given, the best is option one as it does not take cash inflows from the company. The venture capital firm might also bring vital experience in the retail sector.Accounting Cycle Currently, the junior accountant has just summarized the information in the different journals. The next step is to post in the ledger then come up with unadjusted trial balance. If there are any mistakes, he should prepare the adjusting entries before preparing an adjusted trial balance. After that, he should prepare the financial statements, make closing entries and post closing trial balance. In finalizing, the next step is to analyze the information from the...

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Financial Impacts and Constraints Paper - 634 Words

Financial Impacts and Constraints Paper The Effect of Pharmacy on Operation Management A health care facility needs to monitor the processes and operations of its pharmacy, since it is the major profit producer. The pharmacy is required to maintain minimal errors, excellent customer service, and high efficiency, while returning significant profits. Pharmacies are considering a profit center for the hospital and have a direct effect on the hospitals bottom line. Since pharmacies are a major income provider for health care facilities that run at low profit levels, pharmacies need to be monitored to ensure that they are running efficiently and striving to increase profits continually. Financial Factors Determining†¦show more content†¦The profitability is determined by tracking revenues, expenses, and margins. A hospital’s revenues come from the total billings to all government and private insurance companies for services rendered to a patient. Revenues are typically divided into categories on the in come statement outpatient and inpatient services allowing the operations manager to compare the most profitable type of patient for their facility. The income statement also shows deductions and exclusions or the amount of bad debt caused by non-payments, contracted price adjustments, and discounts. On the average a health care facility can expect about 20-60% of income to be affected by deductions. The difference between revenue and operating expenses shows the true operating income of the facility or the profits in the course of normal business. This is a picture of the hospital’s financial health, which should be at least 1-3% of revenues. Ratios that come from the income statement are important as well. Ratios are used to determine profit margins, return on capital, labor productivity, and supply expenses, which are all major elements of the financial stability and efficiency of the health care facility. The statement of cash flows tracks all the incoming cash flows f rom the business and investment activity of the health care facility. Cash outflows are also tracked for expenditures, labor and the other activities ofShow MoreRelatedFinancial Analysis Of CFO1191 Words   |  5 PagesThis paper reports on an analysis of a survey of 1,050 CFOs in firms across 39 different countries in December, 2008 with the goal of examining the actions taken by firms that were financially constrained in juxtaposition with those that were not financially constrained. They utilize the distinction between constrained and unconstrained to determine how company plans pertaining to employment, marketing, technology spending, and other facets of their business are impacted. Additionally, they examineRead MoreThe World Bank : Professional Organization Report Essay1477 Words   |  6 Pagesevery country (para. 1). They do this by offering low interest loans, credit and grants to countries in need. Additionally, they give policy advisement based on top research that is used to inform countries on investment opportunities. Because many financial issues that countries face are based on social issues The World Bank has conducted research that aims to better improve the life of women, people of color and other disenfranchised communities. The Annual Meeting with International Monetary FundRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility And Access Of Finance1424 Words   |  6 Pagesand analysis; however, it has several limitations, which will be examined. The aim will be achieved through a critical analysis of the paper. It will be done in four stages: first, the key arguments of the article, second, the strong points of the article, third, the limitations of the research, and final stage, the specifications of the outcome. In this paper Cheng et al. (2014) argued that the implementation of successful CSR policies leads to lower idiosyncratic risk due to improved stakeholderRead MoreCrosby Manufacturing Corporation Case Study Essay example1054 Words   |  5 Pagespresident and other department heads regarding a new Management Cost and Control System (Kerzner, 2009). This paper will give a synopsis of the case, analyze the case study communications issues and risks, and evaluate Livingston’s selection of a project manager. It will also discuss the possible reactions from the employees, the impact on the cost and time on the project as well as which constraints ultimately compromised the success of project. Crosby Manufacturing Corporation SynopsisRead MoreHistorical Background Of Manufacturing Smes1217 Words   |  5 Pagespresents a major constraint to their financial performance and their survival. Given the current economic hardships hampering economic progress in Zimbabwe the SMEs industry in one of the key industries where the economy is pinning its hopes. However due to the stringent requirements in the financial sector it is proving to be very difficult for the small firms to secure enough funds to sufficiently finance their operations, thus these calls for well premeditated planning on the few financial resourcesRead MoreRisk Management Techniques For Construction Project1280 Words   |  6 Pages Research Paper on Risk Management Techniques for Construction Project Pariekshit Guttikonda Lawrence Technological University Abstract Construction is a risky industry and there is no other industry that requires proper application of business practices much as construction industry. The main objective of this research is to gain understanding of risk factors faced by building projects. The study also aims to investigate the effectiveness of risk preventive and imitative methods. From thisRead MoreThe Impact Of Business On Government Decision Making1321 Words   |  6 Pagesradically changing the common practices, and therefore in order to be successful, a government has to work in tandem with other important institutions of the society. Be it business, education, or the growing influences of globalization. In this paper I discuss the impact that business has on government decision-making. Decision-making is the process of selecting one course of action from several alternative actions Since we are aware how government is massively subjected to the influence of business andRead MoreIntroduction. In The Recent Years, There Has Been An Increasing1016 Words   |  5 Pagesto economists start debating on the impact the ever-increasing student dept has on the economy of the United States (Gleeson, 2016). The fact that the student dept is increasing and that experts have warned that students with loans inhibit their future life development, a suggestion was put forward stating that student debts should be forgiven. Therefore, the paper argues that the student dept should not be forgiven as it will result to a bigger negative impact to the economy of the country FactsRead MoreFishery Production Analysis1624 Words   |  7 Pages To add to the existing literature on fishery production, this paper presents a comparison analysis of two relatively under-explored specifications: the quadratic and square root production functions. Fixed effects estimation and quantile regression analysis will be employed to determine whether one form is superior to the other. This paper also considers the effects of various government financial transfers and gender-specific postsecondary education rates on fishery output levels. Results indicateRead MoreWhy Firms Should Not Be An Effective Functioning State Of The Corporations1647 Words   |  7 PagesThere is a lot management control, including financial and non-financial factors. Ittner and Larcker (2000) stress the limitations of control system based on financial data to measure company performance and support the statement by the survey of U.S. financial services firms. Most of the institutions not satisfied with traditional financially oriented, thus made an extensive change in the control system during the past two years. Therefore, this paper is strongly believed that firms should not rely

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The Defining Features Of Art Essay - 2188 Words

Since the ancient world, the concept of art has been disputed. From claiming it was mere imitation, instruction or craft to defining it in terms of significant form and intrinsic characteristics, these formulated purposes force a cookie cutter mold on a creative process. While I do not believe that art can be defined, the search for an all encompassing concept is a debate crucial to art culture and must evolve alongside artistic trends. According to Weitz in â€Å"The Role of Theory in Aesthetics†, art simply cannot be defined in terms of necessary and sufficient conditions. Past theories propose statements about the defining features of art, yet omit a characteristic that is central to another theorist. To avoid excluding what is central to another theorist, Weitz refers to art as an open concept, â€Å"aesthetic theory is a logically vain attempt to define what cannot be defined, to state necessary and sufficient properties of that which has no necessary and sufficient properties, to conceive the concept of art as closed when its very use reveals and demands its openness.† (Weitz, 30). Art as an open concept does not require a set of conditions to include a piece as art; however, the issue arises in recognizing which pieces to include under this concept. To classify the undeniable natural recognition of a work of art, Weitz employs the Family Resemblance Concept. Weitz explains this idea by comparing it to games, â€Å"Knowing what a game is is not knowing some real definition or theoryShow MoreRelatedIs Symbolic Language The Defining Features Of Homo Sapiens?1052 Words   |  5 PagesIs symbolic language the defining feature of Homo sapiens? By: Heidi Hakala Friday 10th of June, 2016 What makes us unique? What makes us human? These are complex questions to which humans have struggled to find an adequate answer, even after the course of hundreds of years. I personally believe there are many reasons and factors as to why humans today are in control of the planet, with the most defining feature of our species being collective learning, empowered by the creation of symbolic languageRead MoreDifferences Between Eastern And Western European Architectural Styles1223 Words   |  5 Pagesarchitecture is not only influenced by the time period but also religion. There are specific aspects of religion that lead to the creation of the style and play a large role as an influencing factor. Architecture became a way of representing the true art styles of the time periods. Gothic architecture differed depending on the location of the building because of the different influence in each geographic location. An example of this is the difference between Eastern and Western Euro pean architecturalRead MoreAnalysis Of Voice Lessons The Belle Epoque 1688 Words   |  7 PagesKatherine Bergeron’s book, Voice Lessons: French Mà ©lodie in the Belle Epoque, approaches French art song in a new and unique way, making it an invaluable resource for art song scholars and performers alike. Bergeron’s goals for this book are primarily abstract in nature; she aims to tell a story â€Å"about that French sound, both what it was and how it got that way† (viii). To achieve her vision, Bergeron examines the mà ©lodie through a variety of different lenses, including musical, vocal, aural, linguisticRead MorePepsi Analysis : Pepsi Cola1328 Words   |  6 Pagesbanner of Experiments in Art and Technology. The Pepsi Pavilion project served as a experiment and a landmark that integrated social interactions, electronic media, performance art, and futuristic concepts that created mind-altering realities. The Pepsi Pavilion in Osaka, Japan was built for d isplay and therefore had significant symbolic meaning attached. The designers of Pepsi Pavilion were attracted to the aesthetic radicalism brought about by the collaboration between the arts, sciences. The PavilionRead More Plan Before Publishing Essay583 Words   |  3 Pagesconstraints must be known before publishing takes place, time constraints, budget constraints and features. Knowledge of these areas will enable effective communication resulting in a successful publication. 2. When defining the message of your publication the issues of, need, content, format, and image must be considered. What is the message? The purpose or need of the message must be known. Defining the message, either as an instruction, a promotion or information. When it is known what the messageRead MoreEssay on The Many Forms of Art1146 Words   |  5 Pagesto order and disorder, with or without a purpose. Yet the definition of what is art is obscure, we are able to recognise for ourselves but not express concisely what art is. Art has ‘a complicated network of overlapping series of similarities’ (Law, 2003) however there is not one feature that all art has in common. The classification of Art does not fit into the classic logic argument where to be defined as art the object must have a stated characteristic, as in the manner of classifying a dogRead MoreThe Development Of A C20th Art Movement And Architectural Expression From The Same Period1663 Words   |  7 PagesDescribe and evaluate the relationship and influences between an example of a C20th art movement and architectural expression from the same period. Constructivism arose in Russia in 1914 where Lenin and Marx’s communist state supported and advertised the artistic movement with the philosophy that it was the rebirth of the art world. Constructivists held the communist belief that there should be no distinction between roles: artist, architect and engineer were all to be the same. This ‘worker’ characterRead MoreJazz And Its Influence On African American Communities1141 Words   |  5 PagesAlthough jazz originated in the late 19th and early 20th century, the genre has continued to develop and influence other aspects of music. With its beginnings in African American communities, jazz features several distinguishing components and defining qualities. Along with jazz’s many influences and unique features, the genre also includes a variety of leading musicians. The roots of jazz are often pinned to the African American communities of New Orleans, Louisiana. Because New Orleans was at the centerRead MoreTaking a Look at Cave Art691 Words   |  3 Pagesof cave art you may think of it is a way of just communicating or it does not really have much meaning to it. But when you really look into the art you find so much more. It’s amazing what you can find about the humans in the past just through their art, you get to find out where did they creativity come from and why did they create. In this essay I am going to discuss what made the features on the cave so special? And why were they made? The stunning prehistoric cave art at AltamiraRead MoreSimilarities And Differences Between Ancient And Hellenistic Period And The Piombino Apollo1296 Words   |  6 Pageswith the left heel (Ridgway 1967: 49). As stated earlier, the hair is a defining feature in archaic kouros and it is typically flat and in a bulky beaded shape to best attempt to represent the different strands of the hair, but the hair of this statue is detailed and intricate. The complexity of the Piombino Apollo’s hair is a key factor in defining this statue as a later period as the hair is â€Å"by far the most elaborate feature of the whole head† (Ridgway 1967: 47). It is styled, and even though beading

Internationalization and Market Entry Mode-Samples for Students

Question: Critically analyze a journal article on Internationalization and Market Entry Mode. Answer: Introduction The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze a journal article on Internationalization and Market Entry Mode: A Review of Theories and Conceptual Framework so as to elaborate on internationalization and market entry mode asserted in appendix 1. Therefore, in this paper, we aim at discussing various aspects of conceptual frameworks concerning foreign entry mode decision as outlined in appendix 1. This will be elaborated basing our argument on perception portrayed by the author of this research article. Thus, different contributions on entry mode will be elaborated so as to critically understand the importance of studying different perspectives in internationalization and market entry mode. In appendix 1, table 1 involves comparison of different frameworks for studying foreign entry mode. In that connection, this paper will elaborate on theoretical and methodological aspects relating to the mode of entry. These aspects include: Entry mode as a chain of establishment The transaction cost approach The eclectic framework The organizational capability perspective Entry mode as a chain of establishment This is the first aspect to be considered in appendix 1 based on authors perspective on the mode of entry. Basically, this aspect has been discussed from wider perspective and school of thought by determining methodology applied by firms to initiate internalization and market entry mode. This process has been initiated through a set of sequences so as to facilitate the operations set so achieve development goals and objectives of the firm. In this phase, there are several stages applied by various firms to initiate entry mode as a chain of the establishment. These stages are very vital to any firm willing to achieve international market entry. These stages include limiting export by ensuring no regular export, performing export services through an agent or export representative, enhancing sales subsidiaries and initiating a long-term production and manufacturing plans. These stages are very important for a firm willing to venture into this kind of market mode. The stages will propel the firm to enter the market via increasing market knowledge. In this entry mode, it I important to understand that increase in market structure will result to increase in market knowledge (Ryan Deci, 2017). In that connection, the final result will increase in market commitment. The reverse is also true in this case. In this entry, behavior assumption is based in bounded rationality. According to the article, this assumption is based on idea used in decision making process. This is because rationality of firms is limited by the information they apply in the market as well as cognitive limitation of their ideas. Another aspect of this mode of entry is based on organizational capability perspective. There is a close perfect positive correlation between chains of the establishment as a model of entry with organizational capability perspective. This is because the chain of establishment involves making market entry decisions based on time. This is entry mode is a time-dependent process. Therefore, each entry mode is based on various factors that can be elaborated from a particular entry mode to another so as to incorporated entry framework on chain establishment on independent and moderate factors. However, co-operative mode of entry has not been included in establishment chain as described by Johansson and Vahlne. This is one of the weaknesses of this mode of entry. Firms in this mode of entry need to move sequentially from stage to another. From the deterministic point of view, firms will be denied opportunities to enter the international market if their strategic point regarding the mode of entry is inappropriate in oversee market. The transaction cost approach This is another aspect that needs to be elaborated in relation to internationalization and market entry mode. This mode of entry has become effective through the application of vertical integration decision. This mode of decision making strategy in this market entry has become so applicable to firms dealing with service delivery and manufacturing. This mode of entry involves hybrid modes unlike entry mode of a chain of the establishment as formulated by Johansson and Vahlne. Interfirm co-operation and vertical co0ordination make transaction cost approach much applicable in the market as compared to the chain of the establishment. This approach applies several dimension that makes the process relevant to the market (Ryan Deci, 2017). These dimensions include transaction cost theory, uncertainty in exchange of resources involving sellers and buyers, specific assets and frequency of economic exchange. In that connection, the decision-making process should consider these dimensions so a s to enable the decision maker to display opportunistic behavior that would propel cost-effective and efficient governance in this mode of entry. In addition, this approach applies transaction cost theory to enrich our skills and knowledge in this mode of entry. Thus, minimization process in transaction cost in this entry is based on cost theory modification. In that case, firms are required to use decision criteria such as minimax, maximin, and Bayes decision criteria rather than using cost theory approach. This leads to conclusions in the choice of internalization and mode of market entry. If firms apply for benefits as a decision criterion, then this entry will be selected by these firms other than using transaction cost minimization as decision criteria. To elaborate this approach, firms have applied this modification to initiate the dependent variables in this mode of entry. Lastly, this approach has been applied in a different partnership that can be propelled from low, medium and high modification. In this case, behavior assumption is bounded on rationality and opportunism. Rationality is similar to chain of establishme nt. Opportunism in this case relates to ability of a firm to take advantage of SWOT analysis in order to fit in this mode of entry. The eclectic framework This is another important mode of market entry in internationalization and market mode of entry in overseeing markets. There are a number of factors that are likely to affect the choice selected by firms in order to enter the market using this mode of entry. These factors include ownership advantage, locational benefits and internalization benefits (Richard, 2013). These advantages must be considered by decision-makers so as to enhance operations propelled through this entry. Through ownership advantages, firms are able to initiate their assets towards opening a better entry level in oversee markets. Investment firms are able to increase competitive advantage in the market based on the level of ownership. Assets in a firm determine the size of the firm that can be compared to the market structure to be entered by such firms. Firms with higher ownership advantage imply that the firm has more assets which will determine the market structure to be entered. Through asset ownership advantage, firms are able to determine their ability to develop differentiated products. On the other hand, locational advantage determines how strategic a county is in the market. Countries that are more strategically located are likely to have more entry in the market structure. Lastly, internalization advantages are based on the nature of interrelationship between local and international market. The choice of entry has a correlation with independent decision process applied by firms to venture a given market entry. In this case, behavior assumptions are similar to transaction approach since they are bounded on rationality and opportunism. The organizational capability perspective This is the last market mode of entry as per Appendix 1. This perspective is deeply rooted in resource-based theory. This article provides some ideas and propositions that relate to organizational capability framework. In that connection, the resource-based theory is very applicable to firms with the ability to make corporate strategies (Richard, 2013). That is, boundaries of the firms and strategies relating to single business strategy. In this case, managers are able to determine resources that can be applied to achieve competitive advantage in the market. In that case, managers are able to distinguish valuable resources from non-valuable resources. Moreover, this perspective is also very applicable when assessing intangible resources in the market. The firm is able to determine skills and competencies required for a particular position in the firm. This will increase the accessibility of the firm to enter the market at international markets. This mode of market entry must be applied by firms to balance between development and exploitation. These aspects are very important and are very critical in performing activities in the firm. It is important to determine how dynamic environment facilitate market entry using this perspective. In conclusion, the concepts heightened in appendix 1 are so much connected since the resource-based theory is applicable in the chain of establishment perspective and eclectic framework. Therefore, the four domains in appendix 1 are integrated to initiate a well-established internalization and mode of entry in the market. In this entry, behavior assumption is based in bounded rationality. According to the article, this assumption is based on idea used in decision making process. This is because rationality of firms is limited by the information they apply in the market as well as cognitive limitation of their ideas. References Richard, A. (2013). Job Satisfaction from Herzbergs Two Factor Theory Perspective. Grin publishing. Ryan, R.M., Deci, EL. (2017). Self-Determination Theory: Basic Psychological Need in Motivation, development, and Wellness. The Guilford Press

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Marketing in Modern Businesses

The principles of marketing are nowadays taught in many educational institutions. This knowledge is believed to be crucial for entrepreneurs or managers. Overall, the importance of marketing for modern organizations can be explained by looking at various definitions of this concept.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing in Modern Businesses specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More To a great extent, they explain why this activity is relevant to companies. Moreover, one can argue that marketing is vital for competitive strength of a company, its relations with clients, and its profitability. In the long-term, marketing can shape the positioning of a business or its pricing policies. First, it should be noted that there is no universally accepted definition of marketing because various scholars may emphasize different elements of this term. For instance, in their book William Leader and Nicolas Kyritsis (1994) argue th at marketing is the analysis and implementation of various programs in order to transfer goods or services to the customers (22). Moreover, these authors point out that the concept of marketing includes such components product development, promotion, pricing, and distribution of good or services (Leader Kyritsis, 1994, p. 22). Their interpretation attached more importance to the specific tasks or activities that companies should cope with. In turn, it is possible to offer a different explanation of this term. For instance, James Burrow and Jim Bosiljevac (2011) believe that marketing is â€Å"the creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relations (p. 9). According to these authors, their definition has several important implications. First, they suggest that marketing should be related to product creation, and establishing long-term relations with clients (Burrow Bosiljevac, 2011, p. 9). On the basis of these interpretations, I can provide my personal definition of marketi ng. I think that it is the process that involves the creation of products, explanation of their value or promotion, and the delivery of these products to the customers. In order to illustrate the importance or marketing, one should look at the policies and practices of different companies. First of all, marketing is closely related to the design of products and services. It can also influence the very process of manufacturing. For instance, one can mention such a model of product development as Kansei engineering which is adopted in many manufacturing companies nowadays (Nagamachi Lokman, 2010, p. 89).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is based on the interaction of designers and marketing professionals. In this case, the main task is to interview potential buyers about such aspects of products as usability, physical appearance, or reliability (Nagamachi Lokman, 2010, p. 89). The responses of interviewees are later codified and on their basis, engineers make necessary modifications in the product. Thus, marketing professionals help to link customers and producers. They provide valuable information that managers should use. Additionally, marketing greatly contributes to the cost-efficiency and profitability of an organization. As it has been noted before, marketing includes such an activity as pricing. Companies have to determine the amount of money that customers should be ready for a product or service. These professionals must make sure that a company can earn its expected revenues, but at the same time they have to think about the policies of competitors since these businesses can cut down prices in order to gain the attention of buyers. Thus, their task is quite challenging. One can refer to such as a strategy as value-based pricing which is based on the premise that the most optimal price can be determined by studying the opinions of clients an d identifying how much they can be willing to pay (Meehan et al, 2011, p. 7). Overall, this approach helps to increase the revenues of a company (Meehan et al, 2011, p. 7). Therefore, marketing strategies have a profound impact on the profitability of an organization. Finally, one should mention that marketing can shape the way in which a company positions itself. The thing is that marketing professionals help business to differentiate themselves among others. In some cases, a well-selected marketing strategy can influence long-term development of a business and its reputation. There are some companies that are regarded as luxury brands, for instance, Morgan Motor Company or Aston Martin. From the very beginning, they have been viewed as manufacturers of high quality sports cars that are intended for very prosperous clients. This strategy enabled them to achieve success in the market. The thing is that these companies do not want to target even middle-income customers. It is not lik ely that their approach will change in the future. Thus, marketing strategies can greatly influence the public image of an organization. These cases demonstrate that the success of modern companies is hardly possible provided that entrepreneurs or managers do not understand the main principles of marketing. These people have to know how their products can be differentiated or what customers expect from them. This information is crucial for product development and production process. Without this knowledge, the efforts of businesses are not likely to yield good results. This is why marketing is essential for modern organizations. Reference List Burrow, J. Bosiljevac, J. (2011). Marketing. New York: Cengage Learning.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing in Modern Businesses specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Leader, W. Kyritsis N. (1994). Fundamentals of Marketing. New York: Nelson Thornes. Meehan, J., Simone tto, M., Montan, L. Goodin, C. (2011). Pricing and Profitability  Management: A Practical Guide for Business Leaders. New Haven: John Wiley Sons. Nagamachi, M. Lokman, A. (2010). Innovations of Kansei Engineering. New York: CRC Press. This essay on Marketing in Modern Businesses was written and submitted by user Will H. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Schedule Instagram Posts Along With Everything Else - CoSchedule

Schedule Instagram Posts Along With Everything Else With its 500 million active users, Instagram can help you reach your audience in a social network they already love. But†¦ the in-the-moment nature of posting to Instagram makes it difficult for marketers to strategically capture the opportunity. With for Instagram, the newest feature in your favorite marketing calendar, you’ll go from spontaneous to strategic.  That  means you’ll quit forgetting to post on Instagram! Now you’ll post to Instagram with a few easy clicks, schedule your Instagram content where you plan everything else, and collaborate with your team better than ever. Start scheduling to  Instagram with now! Finally! Plan all of your content + social media in one place! Including #Instagram!Quit Forgetting To Post On Instagram Already! Get notified on your phone when it’s time to post  so you don’t miss out on consistently reaching your followers. Begin by scheduling  Instagram posts in your  calendar where you organize everything else. Then rock  the all-new for  Instagram app on your mobile device, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Quit forgetting to post on #Instagram with !Youll receive push notification reminders when youve scheduled  messages for  Instagram! Your reminders come with a beautiful  preview, so youll know exactly what youre posting at a glance. Now youll  proactively schedule your Instagram content so you quit forgetting to post on Instagram! Post To Instagram With A Few Easy Clicks Eliminate copying and pasting your messages by using the tool designed to do it for you! Get content from your calendar into Instagram with an easier process than ever before. The for  Instagram mobile app not only reminds you when its time to post. It gives you the content  youve planned so you can share to Instagram with a few easy clicks. You can also post, reschedule, or delete missed messages in seconds. Plan your content and get it into Instagram easily with ! Post to #Instagram with a few easy clicks! Heres how:Schedule Instagram Alongside Everything Else Consolidate your toolset! Easily schedule Instagram messages (even for multiple accounts) where you manage all of your social media posts and other content in . You can now schedule  Instagram-specific campaigns all in one place. And you can include Instagram messages as  one network of many for your social media campaigns! Plus, you can manage content for multiple Instagram accounts with  one calendar. That gets you organized  while you consolidate your toolset. Have multiple calendars? You can still easily manage all of your Instagram accounts with one  for Instagram mobile app. Manage all of your social media scheduling in one place! Schedule #Instagram content alongside everything else!Go From Spontaneous To Strategic Get a real return from a planned posting schedule. Schedule your Instagram messages in advance to post truly Insta-worthy content at the best times for engagement. Plan Instagram projects with Social Campaigns to organize messages in one place. Streamline your process and take the tedious work out of posting to Instagram! Now youll plan what youll post in advance on a calendar designed to help you manage your entire social media schedule. View previews of how your messages will appear on Instagram, and see your complete posting plan. Youll  eliminate the stress behind the in-the-moment nature of posting to Instagram! Plus, you can eliminate the guesswork of determining when to post with Best Time Scheduling.  Youll automatically schedule messages at the highest active time for Instagram to increase your reach! Collaborate Better Than Ever On Instagram Projects Empower your team to work together more effectively with easy, customizable workflows and communication (without the overwhelming email strings). Planning multiple Instagram campaigns? Manage your process more efficiently with customizable task templates in . Easily assign tasks (complete with due dates) to team members to make sure your Instagram projects get done on time, every time! Your discussion for the project lives in for everyone to see, eliminating missed emails and miscommunication! Start Scheduling Your Instagram Content Where You Organize Everything Else! Scheduling to Instagram is available on all new calendars. The for Instagram mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So start scheduling to Instagram now! Plus, in addition to Instagram, these seven  amazing new features just launched in your favorite marketing calendar over the past few months: Social Analytics: Measure the success of your social messages and prove the ROI of the work you do! A New User Experience:  Organize your content- and your team- more efficiently than ever. ReQueue: Automatically reuse your best social messages (without the manual busywork). Social Tagging: Tag any Facebook Page or Twitter handle without jumping from one social network to the next. Social Video:  Manage, schedule, and share all of your social media videos in one place. Social Campaigns: Organize and create a series of social messages (in one project) to drip out days, weeks, and even months after publish. Social Templates: Schedule messages in bulk (and remove the tedious process of manual scheduling). ^ Now thats a lot of organization! And theres a lot more in store for you when you rock as your social media and marketing calendar. Start now with a 14-day free trial of the worlds #1 best-selling marketing editorial calendar!

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Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Project Management - Essay Example This fact clearly suggests that at the time of procurement, project managers did not clearly defined the exact needs of the project. Based on wrong assessment of the same, the system appeared to work on wrong footings as what was expected out of the system was not clearly delivered. It was therefore believed that the project failed because project managers failed to clearly anticipate the needs and solicit the correct vendors to implement the project. The vendors were probably either not as professionals as they should have been in developing the payroll processing system or the information to them was not correctly provided. This resulted into the cancellation of the project as well as it cost a lot of money to the organization because of the loose credit management as well as the wrong procurement polices because there was no clear strategy being developed by the project managers. (Washington Times, 2005) I believe that there were multiple issues involved in this project's failure. Initially it attracted the criticism of the employees working over there therefore at first stage, it failed to achieve the necessary acceptability within the organization. The issues were further complicated when the project managers failed to properly prepare the strategy for implementing effective contract as well as procurement management for the project. If project managers have given a good thought to the solicitation stage of procurement, it would have been lot better and the project would have been a success. 2) Department of Defense initiated a project in 2002 with the name of Personnel Management Key solution. The perceived objectives were to obtain efficiency in different functional areas such as organizational structures, personnel administration and leave, career management as well as work force planning etc. Many believed that it was a bigger project for a military organization however it started with lot of ambitions and hopes to accomplish something bigger for the organization which was termed as too administrative and bureaucratic in nature. The major reason for the failure of the project was cost overrun. Initially it was estimated that the total project cost would be $ 25 million in 2002 however as the project unfolded the cost rocketed to $70 million dollars forcing the project managers to abandon the project in the middle due to high cost variations and other factors which led to the cancellation of the project. However, a much deeper analysis of the issue would suggest that there were other factors which were directly responsible for the failure of the project. Initially it may be considered that the project managers have properly planned the procurement as well as contract management strategy however they were not. Though the whole details of the project are not available but the cost escalation suggests that the type of contract entered by the project managers may not have been adequately selected. It seems that the project managers may have selected actual cost reimbursement contracts where they became legally obliged to pay or reimburse all the costs to the vendors regardless of the need to assess that the cost overruns can also be caused because of the vendor's inability to provide the desired goods and services at the agreed contractual terms. If the project managers would have entered into a fixed pay contract, they could have